One of us: Mimy Kabongo, Leisure Travel Consultant

mimy-kabongo-31- What is your background?

I’m Congolese from DRC/Kinshasa where I was born and raised. I came to South Africa in 2008 for a month visit but I fell in love with the country and decided to stay and study here. I applied at university where I was accepted to pursue my studies in tourism and management.

2-What do you like the most about your job?

Oooouf! my job is fun because you deal with different client with different personalities but all you want is to put a smile on their faces and give them what they want.

3- Describe XO Africa in three words?

[laugh] I have more than 3 words:
I started at XO in 2011 October for a 6 month internship to complete my degree and from the fisrt day I loved the people and the company. The most important thing that I appreciate at XO is the fact that they open their doors to interns and give them a chance to prove to themselves that the can face the real world.
XO is well reputed and gives opportunities to its staff.
Thanks to XO for that

4- Tell us one of your best travel memories in Southern Africa.

The garden route is one of my favorite part and Kwazulu Natal

5-What is your favorite destination in Southern Africa?

Mozambique is my destination number one I use to call it “Paradise in Africa” White sand, palm trees on the beach and sea food makes it my destination number 1.

6- What are your secret addresses (restaurant, sunset, club…) in Cape Town?

Hmmm I don’t really do clubbing, I’m boring [laugh], but for sunset I would do Signal Hill and for restaurants I got a long list but mostly Salushi in Claremont for their “ seafood stir fry” beluga in green point for the best sushi and fresh sol fish…Pigalle restaurant for seafood as well.

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