One of us: Jameela Wagener, Leisure Travel Consultant


1- How and Why did you arrive in Cape Town?

I arrived in Cape Town in June 2008. Even though my mother is South African and my father German my siblings and I all grew up in Germany. We lived all our life in Germany till nearly 7 years ago. Cape Town has always felt like home to me that is why I decided to move here.

2 – Could you describe your job and what do you like the most about it?

Every day is different! Helping clients, especially the direct ones, plan their holiday is almost like going on holiday with them. You discover new places every day and get to experience everything first hand, from planning to travelling and arriving back home. You are at their side every step of the way

3- What is your job philosophy?

Breath… and take one day at the time

4- Describe XO Africa in 3 words

Multi cultural, Interesting and very different

5- What is your best spot among our destination? Why?

That would definitely be Cape Town. You have everything you can think of in one city, mountains, beaches, beautiful sceneries, cultural places and much more. Plus everything is conveniently close together

6-What are your secret addresses (restaurant, sunset, club…) in Cape Town?

Grand Café & Beach is one of them. One has the most amazing views of the sunset while enjoying delicious food.

7- Tell us one anecdote or memory you had in your life in south Africa

Having met my husband here and calling Cape Town “home” now is probably the best memory to have.

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