One of us: Faizel Martin, Leisure Travel Consultant

Faizel Martin

What is your background ?

My background is in Travel & Tourism. Though I studied Human Resources in my formative years, I received my first pay cheque through a tourism related job. I always wanted to travel the world and found that working in the tourism industry made this dream come life in many ways.

Why did you choose this job ?

For a longtime worked mostly with the US market. I dealt with very specific products in the tourism industry. In the last 2 years , I’ve been looking to diversify my knowledge base, and explore other products that are on offer, when guests visit Southern Africa. XO Africa provides a great platform for me to do just this, as the market it serves (Mostly French and other european countries) is so diverse.

How would you define your job ?

Essentially, it is an operational based. My job entails making all the logistical arrangements required, for our clients to come to Southern Africa and enjoy what our country has to offer.

Your idea of a well done job?

Getting a 10/10 on the client satisfaction questionnaire. When a client remarks ‘the journey was a complete success from beginning to end’

What are your secret addresses (restaurant, sunset, club…) in Cape Town?

I love eating sushi. My favorite sushi restaurant is a little place caled Roseberry’s in Durban Rd, Little Mowbray (75 Durban Road Mowbray). I like the ambience in the restauraunt, the flexibility (eat out or take-away options), and the wasabi (I think they make their wasabi with a touch of horse radish). It’s quite literally, the BOMB !

A phrase or word that you hate in your daily work?

When someone comes to me and says ; “Your clients never arrived, they missed their flight”.
This means that my day is about to become a roller coaster ride.

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