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60th newsletter

To Celebrate In Style(1) our 60th newsletter, we wanted something Glamour(2), even some Hot stuff(3), to mark the occasion. So, we took a walk in XO’s kitchen(4), to attempt to define what makes XO so special. Looking for some magic formula, like an X2 0(5) elixir that would make your Travel Out of the box(6).

Ready to Dive hard(7) Inside XO Africa(8) , we started to review our last years: Best of XO 2011(9) , XO’s very best of 2010(10) … to try and find the trade secret, the quintessence of The Art of Travel(11).

Of course, we could write an endless list of What XO likes(12) , but, on second thought, the real question is: What about you?

You, who come from so far to live The Great Adventure(13) )? What makes you choose our destinations?

Are you more attracted by the Jungle bells(14) or by exploring some Temptation islands(15) ? Are you looking for a Safari therapy(16) or curious to discover the  Fifty shades of(17) the Faces of Africa(18) ?

If you are planning a Romance in Africa(19) and dreaming about a  Face to face(20) with your One and Only(21), somewhere on The Garden Route(22), Good news! We can organize an unforgettable stay for Lovers in Africa(23), and how about a Celebration(24) for your engagement!

Maybe you feel “It’s Time to show off(25) ”? Change yourself into a Cape Town paparazzi(26) , go on a Travel for men(27),  Enter the Kruger(28) or even discover Zimbabwe(29) ? Of course, we know the best places for Safaris (30) , and a little bit more…

Or maybe it’s “Time to have some fun(31) ”, get ready to party All night long(32) . Let us take you on the path of the Seven(33) Deadly Sins and the other fascinating Hot spots(34) we know around the District Night(35) that will make you say “ I love Jo’burg(36) !”

Are you involved in a “Family business(37) ”? What about discovering the Pilanesberg & Sun City(38) ? Travel for kids (39) could be turned into a game, looking for Inkosi Ibhubesi (40) (The Lion King) in this National Park, before enjoying all the facets of the extravagant resort and really Travel like a star(41).

Are you a manager organizing an Incentive 2 Africa(42) ? Let us bring you to Livingstone, fly over the famous falls and uncover Victoria’s secret(43) .

Are you fond of art? Let’s embark on an Urban safari(44) that will unveil the wonders of street art while discovering Cape Town by Design(45) through a selection of arty and trendy places.

Maybe you are in a “Leave me alone(46) ” type of mood and just feel like a Monday off(47). You’re dreaming out loud “I wish the African sun was Tanning me softly(48) right now”, and yes! Why not? These kinds of requests aren’t for Women only(49) , you know!
So, we could suggest you to head for the desert, Enter Namibia(50) , set foot on this Red earth(51) and start a Color Therapy(52).

Well, we could go on and on with this list, and yet, we haven’t mentioned Durban(53) , or even Food and Wine(54) (there is just an article on this topic in our last newsletter by the way!). Let’s not get Lost in celebration(55) .
So, If you have pins and needles in your legs and dream about getting On the road again(56) , don’t wait and Set sail for Africa(57).
Whatever you seek for your next holiday, we’ll do our best to Take it higher(58) . Just remember: all you need is to Travel in your Element(59) and have a Look Beyond The Appearances(60).

Forever more(61)

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