”For the Sake of the Children”

Ebenezer Child Care Trust was founded in March 2001 by Ranji Chara, and was initially a feeding program for street.

Today, it has expanded into a school for orphans and has also built 3 homes where orphans are givens a sense of a family  they have lost.

The Founder of this Organization is Mrs. Ranji Chara, a Sunday School teacher. She joined the Sunday School department in whichever town her husband was posted to, since she always has a passion to work with children.

Ebenezer Child Care Trust Zambia

Mrs Chara, went every morning into the streets of Livingstone, and picked up children who were sleeping on the streets and eating from dustbins, and brought them to their church premises. A few months later Ranji was able to rent out their first Orphanage Home for these homeless children.

Ebenezer Village (Orphanage) is located just on the outskirts of Livingstone, on the way to Botswana, and next to the Mosi-O-Tunya Wild Life Reserve. It is a very modern facility with its own bore hole for fresh water, electricity in each building and a bright and cheerful atmosphere. It is presently home for 51 children who are fed, clothed and taught social skills, family values, Christian values and love.

Details and more information on the website : http://www.ebenezerchildcare.org/

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