A place where you feel at home

Have you ever wandered around the streets of Waterkant ?

Between V & A Waterfront and Signal Hill, there are many small atypical bars, colored houses and stunning views. Ideal for strolling time one afternoon and evening, you can’t be disappointed. The streets are relatively narrow and steep.. An air of Greenwich Village in the air but the best is about to come …

Its a house interior

Recently the area has enormously grown up and these are the artist first who understood the potential of this district.

There are so many things I’d like to tell you about It’s House .

The main room is divided into several parts around a central wooden bar. And just next to it, the DJ booth. On the sides you can find working areas with computers, offices and open space, there is also a clothing store for young designers, a bar specially dedicated to breakfast, a shoe store, a “green room” (smoking area) and a huge space with sofas, armchairs and a cabin studio.

The decor is simple and “organic”, you can hear fleeting air of the shifted house music which makes you want to be slouching in the sofa and enjoy the creative energy present in the room.

If you feel like redecorating the board, you have a chalk at your disposal. Furthermore, I would encourage you to talk to the managers who are young, dynamics and passionate artists.

Most of the materials used are wood, some plants. On the walls you can see written: “You are responsible for the energy you bring into this place” or “Have you talked to a stranger today?’

Designed so everyone can recreate its own ” bespoke lifestyle ”, It’s a House is a concept offering its visitors a creative environment where you can come to work, explore and express your inner voice or creative passions.

Its a house thing kitchen

A space that fosters interaction, collaboration and offers comfort and originality in a warm atmosphere where creativity and imagination can spread easily.

This is the new hipsters’ spot in Cape Town. The place has just opened in February. We wish them a success which has seemingly well started!

 Julie Bonnemoy

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