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Robyn Jeftha

One of us – Robyn Jeftha, Leisure Travel Consultant

What is you background? Well, I am born and bred here in beautiful Cape Town. I did French as a third language at school and through my French got the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad a couple of times and that has really broadened my horizon. How would you define your job? I should say […]

One of Us: Marie Wilcox

One of us : Marie Wilcox

What is your story? Why did you arrive in Cape Town? I was travelling around the world and I met a few South African people when I was in London in the 90’s. They told me that Cape Town was one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Needless to say I had to check […]

One of us: Chanelle Diergaardt, Leisure Travel Team Leader

What is your background? At the moment, a white wall… Just kidding… I was born and bred in Cape Town, finished High school and then went on to do a Bachelors degree in Tourism Management. In my 3rd year, I did an internship at Tsitsikamma National Park and while finishing my 4th year of studies, […]

One of us: Jameela Wagener, Leisure Travel Consultant

1- How and Why did you arrive in Cape Town? I arrived in Cape Town in June 2008. Even though my mother is South African and my father German my siblings and I all grew up in Germany. We lived all our life in Germany till nearly 7 years ago. Cape Town has always felt […]

Faizel Martin

One of us: Faizel Martin, Leisure Travel Consultant

What is your background ? My background is in Travel & Tourism. Though I studied Human Resources in my formative years, I received my first pay cheque through a tourism related job. I always wanted to travel the world and found that working in the tourism industry made this dream come life in many ways. […]

One of us: Pauline Joiris, Leisure Travel Consultant

Why did you arrive in Cape Town? My boyfriend and I wanted to leave Belgium for a sunny place. We thought a lot about it and decided to move to Cape Town. We arrived here in April 2013. We travelled a lot through the country while searching for a job. In November 2013, XO Africa […]

Alessandra Klein - Leisure Travel Consultant

One of us: Alessandra Klein, Leisure Travel Consultant

Why did you arrive in Cape Town? My husband and I had been living in China for a few years while I was working as a Lifestyle Editor and no matter how exhilarating my job was it was time for a change again. He is South African and I had been to Cape Town and […]

One of us: Mimy Kabongo, Leisure Travel Consultant

1- What is your background? I’m Congolese from DRC/Kinshasa where I was born and raised. I came to South Africa in 2008 for a month visit but I fell in love with the country and decided to stay and study here. I applied at university where I was accepted to pursue my studies in tourism and […]

One of us, introducing Riaan Stander

This month get to know our new travel ops manager: Riaan Stander. What is your background? After school I studied languages while living on the West Coast. I went to France for a year to study French and by accident I got involved in the tourism industry. I’ve been involved in it for 10 years. […]

Edito 047 – Lets talk about us!

There’s a subject that we haven’t tackled yet over these past 6 years. A theme on which we are, however, constantly consulted. A recurring topic that aims to reassure, to prove, to demonstrate. Us ! Beyond a simple over-boasted presentation page on an equally ordinary website, our profession requires that we constantly provide evidence of […]