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Cape Town International Jazz Festival

Music lovers, listen up! It is happening this month in Cape Town: the must-visit Cape Town International Jazz festival. For 16 years, every last week of March, the Mother City has been welcoming locals and international Jazz artists in a groovy spirit for an exceptional musical week. Taking place in the Cape Town Convention Centre […]

The Art of Travel on the Blue Train

While you may very well take a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, you also have an alternative: travel with class and elegance and treat yourself to a unique experience. Today, our daily life very often resembles a race against the clock: Imagine finally being able to take the time and relive the golden age […]

5 Mother City markets not to be missed!

It’s here that I have (re) discovered the simplicity of a local market, the happiness of spending a few hours in a simple and relaxed atmosphere, hanging out in the middle of the food stalls and local products. This is a great moment to share with friends or family! The markets hold a special place […]

Happiness is in the Winelands!

Yippee! Here we are leaving for a weekend trip through the winelands. The road is beautiful, the air is sweet and the future is bright… We pointed to a few landmarks on the map to use as a linking thread of our gustative adventure. A pleasant mix of wine and local product tasting. Of course, […]

Farm stalls: a south african tradition

In South Africa, a visit to a farm stall (‘padstal’ in Afrikaans) on the side of the road is part of any good journey – it’s a great opportunity to stretch one’s legs and buy the best of local produce. Traditionally, farm stalls were a way to sell farm products. Today, the offer is bigger […]

Jo’burg: an urban stroll through city markets

This month, I’m writing you from Johannesburg where I discovered some markets that are definitely worth a visit. Surprising places, original and offbeat concepts, follow me on my urban ​​stroll. BRYANSTON ORGANIC MARKET On Thursday, I asked the receptionist of my hotel to recommend to me a nice and pleasant place for the brunch! His […]

Meet two stallholders at the Old Biscuit Mill

You know the markets with the vision of a costumer. Why not discover from the other side in South Africa? On a sunny Saturday morning, we went to meet two traders in the famous market of The Old Biscuit Mill based in Cape Town. The first one, Eric, from France sells wonderful healthy yoghurts and […]

Foodie or Not Foodie ?

Far from their world renowned passion for barbecue (locally called braai) and other easy clichés, one thing is for sure, one can eat well… very well in Cape Town. And the first time and unaware traveller can only be surprised. Judging by the recent 20 nominees of a national local restaurant award that reveals every year the 10 best […]

Bad reputation

Only by saying its name, “Johannesburg”, ladies are suddenly keeping their handbags closer and men have a growing desire to feel their cell phone through their trouser pocket. There’s no denying, this town suffers from bad reputation. And one more time, imagination and ignorance maintain this everlasting fear and lousy image. On the other hand, […]

South Africa is not just a safari land

If when someone speaks about South Africa, you immediately think about wild animals in the middle of the African savanna or if every time someone says to you, “I’m going to South Africa for the holidays” you answer back, “Oh nice, you’re going to go on a safari!” Then take a few minutes to read […]