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A Year of Indulgence

Do you have an appetite for a culinary discovery? Thirsty for new gourmet creations? Hungry for creative new concepts? Then South Africa is your destination. A culinary melting pot of master pieces influenced by a myriad of fantastic cooking cultures that result in some of the world’s finest restaurants and most brilliant chefs. South Africa […]

The Trogon House and Forest Spa

How can you Make a Teenager Happy?

Growing up in a large Italian family I know what it means when you struggle to keep your children and especially teenagers entertained on a holiday – but luckily for you that is where we come in! We put together a great adventurous holiday for you and your family that will be just as appetising […]

Travel to South Africa: List of Papers you should not forget

Breaking news! New regulations on travelling with children to South Africa have just been implemented by the local government with effective application. WHY a new law? Let’s be honest, planning family holidays takes lots of time and energy in your already super busy day. So why would South Africa add more chores and paperwork on […]

Ronnie's Sex Shop

The Funniest in South Africa

South Africa’s Route 62 is our very own equivalent to the American 66 and a popular and exciting way to discover the Western Cape. It offers a beautiful alternative road to the N2 highway from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and is treasured by locals and foreigners alike. Road trip lovers will most certainly appreciate […]

Northern Cape

Introducing Northern Cape

Do you want go off the beaten track ? We invite you to discover somewhere special which combines magnificent landscapes and adventure-sport playgrounds and offers a rich archeological and geological heritage. It is home to the world’s first people and contains the most coveted gemstone. Welcome to the Northern Cape, a region, which, behind an […]

Namaqualand Animals

Wonderful Namaqualand

Namaqualand is a really arid region shared between Namibia and South Africa. It is divided into two portions by the lower course of the Orange River – Little Namaqualand to the south (South Africa) and Great Namaqualand to the north (Namibia). Springbok is one of the more prominent towns in this area, as well Kleinzee […]

Northern Cape - Rockart

We are all San People

In the movie The Gods must be Crazy , a « Bushman* » tribe made a modern-world discovery –  Coca-Cola bottle, thrown down from a plane. The fact is that Bushmen or Khoi and San people have had contact with western civilisation for several centuries. These indigenous people who speak unique click languages, still exist in Botswana, Namibia and […]

Orange River - Rafting and Canoe

The Orange River

Interested in this still mysterious river, on behalf so original and most intriguing? It’s time to learn more. Along 2160 kilometers, the Orange River rises in the Drakensberg mountain range in Lesotho, known as the Senqu River, and flows westward into the Atlantic Ocean after crossing the immensity of South Africa. Its long route ends as […]

Tutwa Desert Lodge - Room

Tutwa Desert Lodge

It is in the northwest of South Africa, on the border of Namibia, in the middle of wide open spaces and spectacular scenery where you will find your oasis of calm and freshness: the Tutwa Desert Lodge. Located in the heart of the Green Kalahari, on a game reserve of 16 000 hectares, this lodge […]

Miriam Makeba

South African Unity Chants

You certainly remember this chant sung by the Bafana Bafana’s fans during the Football World Cup en 2010 : Shosholoza. This song, which became popular a few years earlier during the 1995 Rugby World Cup and is classed by some South Africans as the second national anthem, has the power to be moving, while giving […]