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Pamushana Lodge - Zimbabwe

Singita: Lodges for Children’s Happiness

You love travelling, discovering new amazing destinations? You are curious of everything and you love nature and wilderness? So welcome in Africa! Only problem which wouldn’t be one, you have children. Yes, as you may know, some of the top range accommodations do not accept them. But, should you sacrifice your desire of making a […]

Selinda Explorers Camp

The Wildest of Botswana

Who has never wanted to play explorers, to cut all ties from daily routine to relax for a week in the middle of wild Africa? My partner and I, real nature-lovers, decided to live this authentic experience! We went to the Explorers Camp Selinda, in Botswana, which is probably the wildest camp in southern Africa. […]

Nambia - Desert Animals

The Strangest Namibia

It might be a mirage or a ghost ship. Laid down on the sand, where the desert meets the ocean, is a cargo boat that ended up on Namibia’s shore a few years ago. It has started its long desintegration by oxidation, like hundreds of others along the atlantic coast. Half immersed, or eaten by […]

Flying from Lodge to Lodge – Botswana

Discovering Botswana by air is quite a common way to visit the country. Dominated by the Kalahari desert which covers up to 70% of its land surface, light aircraft is clearly the ideal means of transport to move quickly between remote locations. So, let’s take advantage of this and visit three of the most attractive […]

South Africa is not just a safari land

If when someone speaks about South Africa, you immediately think about wild animals in the middle of the African savanna or if every time someone says to you, “I’m going to South Africa for the holidays” you answer back, “Oh nice, you’re going to go on a safari!” Then take a few minutes to read […]

Safari: What is it exactly?

Below is an interview with Greg (36), game ranger in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. He tells us about safaris and tries to give us a clear insight into them. Tell me about yourself, your career path and your current job. Greg: Well, I was born in Johannesburg. But I was lucky because as […]

Introducing Pilanesberg

You all know of the Kruger Park in South Africa? The biggest park of the country, well-known for its safaris. Yes, certainly. But what do you know of the Pilanesberg National Park? Nothing? The Pilanesberg is a game reserve which extends more than 572km2 in the North West Province in South Africa, approximately 2 hours […]

Along the peaceful waters of the delta

Isn’t it always nicer to discover new places in a serene environment? On board of your canoe, the safari takes on a new dimension with a different point of view on the bush and its wildlife. On the water, take the time to look, listen and smell… a few hours will be enough to be […]

Rising above the Okavango Delta on an elephant’s back

Standing more than 4 metres tall, weighing nearly 4 tons in muscle and bone, the elephant is an impressive animal. According to certain it would be impossible to ride on the back of an African Elephant. If you are a non-believer, come and take up the challenge in the heart of Botswana at the magnificent […]

Through the namibian fiery landscapes

After an hour drive along the dry Hoarusib River, we suddenly saw a group of desert elephants. They were two hundred meters away,trying to shake the nearby trees in attempt to get food. Obviously, they care more about our mother nature than the elephants who live in the national parks. It’s their only way of […]