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Edito 068 – Happy New Year !

Starting a new year always comes with a collection of new goals and resolutions… Happier, healthier, richer – and of course asking for divine invocation is the number 1 hit every year. In reality the failed resolutions that we had set for ourselves the previous year are often underlining the new ones… So does that mean […]

A Year of Indulgence

Do you have an appetite for a culinary discovery? Thirsty for new gourmet creations? Hungry for creative new concepts? Then South Africa is your destination. A culinary melting pot of master pieces influenced by a myriad of fantastic cooking cultures that result in some of the world’s finest restaurants and most brilliant chefs. South Africa […]

In Search of Hidden Gems

For this year of indulgence we have chosen to take you on a gastronomic journey orientated around some of the most talented Chefs of the continent.  Some of the chefs featured on the itinerary of the month are known worldwide and have a long-term reputation. But let us not forget that the New Year is […]

A new year, a new vision and a new perspective

Cowardice aside – this year we are taking the services for direct clients to a whole new level as we are aiming at new destinations and new visions! We want to pay that extra bit of attention to detail and make every last one of your wishes come true, guide you along your holiday and […]