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Edito 060 – Through the Wormhole…

Gustave Flaubert never had the chance to go on vacation in South Africa… too bad. He would certainly have picked up new ideas for his “Dictionary of Received Ideas”. With certainly less talent, but not necessarily fewer resources, this newsletter is committed, not without humour, to fight some preconceived ideas on our destinations. I must […]

Foodie or Not Foodie ?

Far from their world renowned passion for barbecue (locally called braai) and other easy clichés, one thing is for sure, one can eat well… very well in Cape Town. And the first time and unaware traveller can only be surprised. Judging by the recent 20 nominees of a national local restaurant award that reveals every year the 10 best […]

Bad reputation

Only by saying its name, “Johannesburg”, ladies are suddenly keeping their handbags closer and men have a growing desire to feel their cell phone through their trouser pocket. There’s no denying, this town suffers from bad reputation. And one more time, imagination and ignorance maintain this everlasting fear and lousy image. On the other hand, […]

Alessandra Klein - Leisure Travel Consultant

One of us: Alessandra Klein, Leisure Travel Consultant

Why did you arrive in Cape Town? My husband and I had been living in China for a few years while I was working as a Lifestyle Editor and no matter how exhilarating my job was it was time for a change again. He is South African and I had been to Cape Town and […]

South Africa is not just a safari land

If when someone speaks about South Africa, you immediately think about wild animals in the middle of the African savanna or if every time someone says to you, “I’m going to South Africa for the holidays” you answer back, “Oh nice, you’re going to go on a safari!” Then take a few minutes to read […]

Safari: What is it exactly?

Below is an interview with Greg (36), game ranger in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. He tells us about safaris and tries to give us a clear insight into them. Tell me about yourself, your career path and your current job. Greg: Well, I was born in Johannesburg. But I was lucky because as […]

First impressions from one of our travellers

« Apparently we never leave South Africa in the same spirit as upon our arrival » Victor L., thirty-years old, staying in South Africa with a group of his globe-trotters friends, fascinated by distant destinations, shares with us the news sent to his family. Hi family, I arrived in South Africa a week ago and […]

Living in the Mother City

Today, we have exclusively interviewed two XO Events consultants. Discover these two French girls who left their country to live halfway around the world… We met them in their office in Cape Town, South Africa, smiley, relaxed and happy to live in this region. Sophie arrived in Cape Town 10 months ago and she confides […]