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Edito 058 – The 5th Element

Whether it’s been hot or cold, dry or wet, I assume and hope you all had a great holiday. And if this little foreword indeed suggests that “When summer ends, one has to go back to work”, it is even more consistent with the theme of our September edition: The 4 Elements. This newsletter isn’t […]

Up in the air of the Drakensberg

It’s very early in the morning. The sun is just beginning to rise, but the lights in the heart of Drakensberg Mountains are already beautiful. You have just arrived on site, where the pilot and his crew are preparing the balloon. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, or even some champagne, […]

Along the peaceful waters of the delta

Isn’t it always nicer to discover new places in a serene environment? On board of your canoe, the safari takes on a new dimension with a different point of view on the bush and its wildlife. On the water, take the time to look, listen and smell… a few hours will be enough to be […]

Rising above the Okavango Delta on an elephant’s back

Standing more than 4 metres tall, weighing nearly 4 tons in muscle and bone, the elephant is an impressive animal. According to certain it would be impossible to ride on the back of an African Elephant. If you are a non-believer, come and take up the challenge in the heart of Botswana at the magnificent […]

Through the namibian fiery landscapes

After an hour drive along the dry Hoarusib River, we suddenly saw a group of desert elephants. They were two hundred meters away,trying to shake the nearby trees in attempt to get food. Obviously, they care more about our mother nature than the elephants who live in the national parks. It’s their only way of […]

Ride like the wind

I dreamt that I was riding Pegasus, the silvered-winged horse. We were flying through the African sky, heading in a southerly direction. I suddenly realized that we were flying over the Rainbow Nation; I saw that my horse had turned black and had lost its wings. I was now in the Wilderness Forest, at the […]

One of us, introducing Riaan Stander

This month get to know our new travel ops manager: Riaan Stander. What is your background? After school I studied languages while living on the West Coast. I went to France for a year to study French and by accident I got involved in the tourism industry. I’ve been involved in it for 10 years. […]