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Edito Newsletter 057

Edito 057 – All night long

At the hour when the day takes flight All animate Nature is subdued By some obscure disquietude Descending from the stars at night. Victor Hugo would have done a good job writing the editorial of this newsletter, would’nt he? For all, the long evening during summer holidays are always among the best time of the […]

Night diving - Scorpion fish

Underwater twilight in Mozambique

Being the second largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra boasts exceptional opportunities to admire the very best of Mozambique’s marine life. But have you ever considered taking your underwater fun to another level by going on a night dive? All it takes is to do a night dive speciality course, a proper diving torch […]

G2 art Gallery

Artsy urban stroll in Cape Town

First Thursdays is a free public event that takes place throughout the year (except for January) and starts at 5pm. Art galleries and selected shops around Cape Town’s CBD stay open until 9 pm on the first Thursday of every month, allowing anyone to explore the city on foot and experience the cultural wealth this […]

The Southern African Large

A pure sky experience in Namibia

After spending the day in search of the Big 5, there is something intensely magical that is waiting for you at the very moment the sun sets and twilight begins. Another kind of show that is placed under the sense of wonder, with nothing but the sounds of the bush… Stargazing You will be enchanted […]

The orbit - Jazz club

Groovy Jazzy Jozy

A blend of rhythm and influences associated with charm and elegance – this is what we call Jazz. It is an incomparable musical style that has survived the eras, while only being spread around the world, until it reached Africa in the middle of the twentieth century. Jazz and South Africa are closely linked, since […]

safari by night elephant at etosha park

Moon safari in Etosha

When we speak about safari people generally think about morning drives through the African Bush…but have you ever thought about a safari by night? What about a safari when the sun sets? This is completely different and the bush is totally transformed; a whole variety of nocturnal animals come out when the sun goes down. […]

Open Air Cinema Galileo

A movie under the stars

We all grow tired of everything, even good things. On holiday, the standard evening at a restaurant may become a bit boring if it becomes an everyday occurrence. What about a movie? Going to the cinema is always a good way to boost daily life and if the night out is made even more special […]