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Edito 054 – Travel For Kids

By now, you should have guessed that I work in the Travel & Events organisation business… and this for a good fifteen years now. Events, incentives, VIP’s… I’ve stopped counting them a long time ago. But I must tell you there’s something that still remains complicated for me: the organisation and logistic of the annual family […]

10 best kid’s activities in South Africa

It’s never easy to find kids activity while you are travelling. XO Africa has done the job for you. Here is our  bucket list : The Two Oceans Aquarium The southern tip of the African continent is the meeting place of two mighty and bountiful oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. The Two Oceans Aquarium […]

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Discover the Big 5 with your mini-rangers

At the border of the Kruger National Park, Sir Richard Branson’s private reserve takes very special care of the mini-rangers and their parents. On arrival at Rock Lodge, cubs of all ages (up to 11 years old) will get their explorer backpack full of little goodies to entertain and educate them about the African bush. […]

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Malaria, how to protect your children

“Awesome, we’re going on safari”, that was the first and logical reaction of our kids when we announced the good news… “No, I do NOT want your pills!!!” That, was the second reaction. Which parents have never been confronted to the stubborn rejection of their children when trying to convince them to take pills for […]

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Checklist for a safe travel for your kids

Travelling in Southern Africa with your kids can be a truly rewarding adventure for building lifelong memories. But it also requires a much more elaborate preparation. That’s why our team of experts (and parents) have decided to put this article together to optimize the chances of living a unique and worry-free experience. In this article, […]

When children tell their trip

I went to the Kruger National Park with my best friend and her family in December 2013. We travelled by car for 2 days from Cape Town all the way to Avoca. It took quite a long time but it was a beautiful trip. We stayed on this farm close to the Kruger. We went […]

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Meet and interact with young South Africans

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” is one of the most famous quotes from Nelson Mandela. Many South Africans are the living incarnation of this adage through their passion, their empathy and their determination devoted to a cause or an organization. One of the best examples around us is Alison Alexander, founder and project […]