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Edito 051 – Tanning me softly

Photoprotection via passive screening of solar radiation. According to me, we don’t communicate enough on skin protection and all the noxious impacts the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause. Thus, it is of sunscreen that we are going to talk about in this first edition of the year. In return for a small fee due to […]

Track the turtles with your kids

Here’s a little adventure for your children that make you think of the novels of Robert Louis Stevenson. The ” Treasure Island’’ ? Close to indeed. A Thonga beach lodge, one of their treasure, they are the turtles. To observe them in their natural environment, we reoa small overnight shipping 4×4 vehicle with a guide. […]


Enjoy your eco-friendly stay

Every dream seems unattainable (wrongly) until it comes true. That’s what you think when you arrive at the heart of the Bay of Nuarro Mozambique. By walking barefoot on this wonderful beach. An idyllic landscape. A term which is not usurped under when you see the magnificent beauty of the places that you will enjoy […]

Medjumbe, the perfect ”desert island”

Nothing is more stimulating for imagination than Islands. Especially when this uninhabited and wild land is only one kilometer long and 350 meters width. Talking about Medjumbe comes down to invoke in the strongest way the idea of « desert island ». Only 13 chalets are built in this unspoiled and tiny island situated in […]

A ”White pearl” for a ”white paradise”

When we speak of white beads, we think foremost jewelry – is not it ladies – or trimmings embody sophistication, elegance with an aura of luxury modest. And if instead of jewelry, you imagine the same bead, but this time nestled between a transparent warm sea, bright blue sky, and green bush. A version luster […]