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50 Shades of…

If our newsletter gets its inspiration from E.L.James’ steamy affair, it is mainly to praise our 50th release. Though we could draw a parallel with the masochism needed to fulfil our daily duty of Travel and Events Organizers… Or even, compare the surrounding sadism with the electrified life of Christian Grey… showing how domination and […]

blue vamizi island blog xo africa

Vamizi island, step into a blue dream…

The first thought you have when you reach the Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas archipelago in Mozambique is that our Blue Planet has never been so aptly named. As soon as you wake up, all those shades of blue are blending right in front of your eyes for the beginning of what the band I […]

okavango delta green paradise xo africa blog dec 2013

Welcome to the ‘’green paradis’’…

The Antarctic is usually nicknamed the ” white paradise’’, with its pristine and untouched nature. Needless to say, seen from the explorers, it is quite different. What about the ‘’green paradise’’ ? The Okavango Delta undoubtedly deserves it and is largely comparison with its counterpart in the extreme south. Because the green makes us think […]

ballooning namib desert xo africa dec 2013

Fly over the red sand dunes

Namibia is a beautiful country. Between the hot breath of the Kalahari Desert and the cold breath of the South Atlantic Ocean. Namibia offers a stunning and almost unbelievable variety of natural phenomena. In addition to its remarkable cultural diversity through its mosaic of peoples of various ethnic origins, its nature offers amazing settings for […]

white wine journey tasting cape town

A white wine tasting journey

The Winelands, in Western Cape,, offers picturesque reliefs, lush nature, blazing sun and beautiful road. It’s also more than 10 million hectoliters of wine produced each year ! White ones compose 55% of the whole production. Carte blanche then for a daily journey among the vineyards, that will make you see (drink) the glass half […]

sun city casino

Sun City or the ”yellow fever”…

Yellow. Yellow as the sun of course, but also as gold or sand. Yellow as coins but also as a façade tanned by the sun. A color that makes you think of the holidays. What about to take a journey inspired by the yellow color? In South Africa, there is only one place that refers […]

Katy`s bar night at johannesburg

The ”dark” festive side of Johannesburg

The traffic jam and the daily rush of the city of Jo’burg turn into a nightlife vibe as soon as the sun goes down. If you haven`t burnt out your energy during the day, follow the chic dress code and put on your glittering shoes to enjoy the town’s nightlife, whether it is below the […]