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Urban Safari

One only needs to start the subject, to mention its name, to arouse one of its icons for suddenly triggering a blast of multi-coloured images in the mind of the most enlightened or the most neophyte travellers. “South Africa” Kruger National Park, Safari, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, Winelands, Table Mountain, Rugby, Whales and […]

Street Art Tour Woodstock wall

Street Art Tour, Cape Town

Just think out of the box… Walk the art trails, or should we say, the graffiti trails. An indecent or sneaky proposal ? Absolutely not! Leaving behind its “rebel” condition, the street Graffiti is winning, slowly but surely, its pedigree and recognition among its peers. For South Africa, Graffiti Art has a historical meaning because […]


Maboneng Arts Walk, Jobourg

Maboneng, the place of lights – an area in the inner City of Johannesburg – becomes a vibrant urban district where artist and art co-exist. A hub of Johannesburg‘s contemporary urban artists, this mixed urban-space hosts art galleries, private artist studios, theatre, an independent cinema, fashion shops, characterful cafes, bars and restaurants. Straight down on […]


Fashion Route Cape Town

Cape Town has a lot to offer to the fashion industry. The number of designers working in the Mother City nowadays is simply surprising. Cape Town has evolved from a city where fashion was almost nameless, to a city where local designers are competing on the international stage. The best way to discover Cape Town’s […]

Old Biscuit Mills Cape Town

My little Biscuit Mill Market

In the heart of Woodstock, The Old Biscuit Mill is open every day of the week. Do not hesitate to come and enjoy this warm place. Well…rather than place I should say little village. In this old fashioned biscuit factory, you can only have a good time in a young and relaxed atmosphere. Once through […]

First Thursdays Cape Town

On the first Thursday of every month, the streets of Cape Town’s central city become a museum like no other. Walk between galleries until 9.00 PM for a night of art, entertainment, and culture. Started in London to make art galleries and museums more accessible to the public, the event encourages exhibition spaces to stay […]

Do you like Books?

There is a vibrant place, in the heart of Cape Town that can enlighten your trip. The Book Lounge. It’s not a simple bookshop entertained by a passionate staff. It’s also a coffee shop. And a lounge you can relax in while discovering an eclectic selection of local and international writers. But even more, up […]

turbine art fair johannesbourg 2013

Turbine Art Fair

For their 10th anniversary, The Forum Company organizes an art project called the Turbine Art Fair dedicated to artists, collectors, hobbyists, or even just people interested by Art. This event will take place for the first time at The Forum Company, a place which belongs to the architectural history of Johannesburg, located in the cultural […]