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Are you able to switch off?

On rare occasions for me. This may disappoint many… However, there is a place that allows me to instinctively escape from the daily pressures: the Bush, Savanna and Wilderness. First, once in the bush, there are the scents. Warm, amber aromas of dry grass, of the spicy dust… sometimes sweet … sometimes strong and musky. […]

A Typical Day on Safari

A Typical Day on Safari. What you will get up to while on safari Here is a rough guideline of what to expect on Safari in the Kruger National Park for example : 05h00 Wake Up! Wake Up! … It’s an early start. 05h30 Meet your ranger and tracker for early morning tea and coffee before […]

Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge

Let’s step into the magical bush

For me, the bush is a magical place and it seems that with more than three decades in the safari business, Sabi Sabi hardly needs to impress anybody. So, off we go, flying out from Joburg’ to Nelspruit in 50 minutes and taking less than two hours to enter Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, situated […]

7 tips to enjoy your safari

1/ Bring with you warm clothes. Always take a fleece and a scarf, among others. Surprising? Yes it is Africa, it’s hot, the sun can be relentless … but do not forget the freshness of an early wake up and a game drive in an open 4×4 ! So take these along to protect you […]

Sabi Sabi, timeless safari

During our stay in the Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, one of the most prestigious in South Africa and ideal for observing the african wildlife, we also visited their different lodges. Here’s what we thought and our advice : On the theme “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, we started our site inspection with “Earth Lodge“,  or the […]

Safari Check List

Safari, our checklist to get ready

This is your first safari? You’re hesitating: which clothes to take? Rather with stripes or khaki? Dark or light color? No idea at all ? Well, we can assure you right now that, first of all animals do not pay much attention to your look (although some colors may attract or annoy them more than […]

Game Drive at Sabi Sabi

Our thrilling safari experience

Big game abounds and roams freely throughout this pristine part of the ancient African continent. The diverse habitat is home to spectacular wildlife including the Big 5 – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant – as well as cheetah, wild dog and some 200 other animal species indigenous to the area. I can tell you, […]