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The Trogon House and Forest Spa

How can you Make a Teenager Happy?

Growing up in a large Italian family I know what it means when you struggle to keep your children and especially teenagers entertained on a holiday – but luckily for you that is where we come in! We put together a great adventurous holiday for you and your family that will be just as appetising […]

Edito 065 – Who’s the Best?

Who’s the best…? The tallest, the strongest, the most beautiful…? Magnificent, superb, exquisite splendid, unique, exhilarating, breathtaking. Exotic, authentic, dynamic, romantic, symbolic… I opened the brochure of a Tour Operator… I have indeed improved my vocabulary with new superlatives and adjectives that will prove useful when the inspiration runs low but I still don’t know […]

Living in the Mother City

Today, we have exclusively interviewed two XO Events consultants. Discover these two French girls who left their country to live halfway around the world… We met them in their office in Cape Town, South Africa, smiley, relaxed and happy to live in this region. Sophie arrived in Cape Town 10 months ago and she confides […]

Stick no bills !

What does the word “graffiti” mean to you? The deterioration of the urban space? A new form of expression for young people without hope for their future? The hip-hop culture? Or maybe, to you, it remains to be an illegal art? Let’s start again if you don’t mind? Drawing, writing or engraving on walls have […]

Durban with National Geographic

This video explores the seaside city of Durban and its cultural and outdoor offerings.  From the beautiful national parks for a memorable safari to the Indian culture, or  a visit to one of the largest aquarium in the world, this video gives you a comprehensive picture of Durban.