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The Trogon House and Forest Spa

How can you Make a Teenager Happy?

Growing up in a large Italian family I know what it means when you struggle to keep your children and especially teenagers entertained on a holiday – but luckily for you that is where we come in! We put together a great adventurous holiday for you and your family that will be just as appetising […]

Travel to South Africa: List of Papers you should not forget

Breaking news! New regulations on travelling with children to South Africa have just been implemented by the local government with effective application. WHY a new law? Let’s be honest, planning family holidays takes lots of time and energy in your already super busy day. So why would South Africa add more chores and paperwork on […]

Chobe River Cruise

Grandpa, Dad, Mum, my Sister and Me

In terms of travel, we all have in our minds the holidays with our parents or the summer reunions in our grandparents’ house. But today, I would like to share another original and trendy way to travel as a family: the multigenerational trips. Let us try to be clearer: this kind of travel allows grandparents, […]

Pamushana Lodge - Zimbabwe

Singita: Lodges for Children’s Happiness

You love travelling, discovering new amazing destinations? You are curious of everything and you love nature and wilderness? So welcome in Africa! Only problem which wouldn’t be one, you have children. Yes, as you may know, some of the top range accommodations do not accept them. But, should you sacrifice your desire of making a […]

Robyn Jeftha

One of us – Robyn Jeftha, Leisure Travel Consultant

What is you background? Well, I am born and bred here in beautiful Cape Town. I did French as a third language at school and through my French got the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad a couple of times and that has really broadened my horizon. How would you define your job? I should say […]

Cascades Hotel pool at night

Escape the city

When you think safari in South Africa the first name which comes to mind is the Kruger Park. That makes sense because is the jewel of the country. However, other parks can be fit for your safari dream. It depends on how much time you have and your plans. If you plan a short stay, […]

Sun City African Suite

Welcome to Wonderland

The legend tells that The Palace Hotel was built in honor of the king of an old civilization settled at the heart of this magnificent valley. Set up on the highest place of the plain, it is the symbol of Sun City where the extravagance was excessively pushed. You will never imagine what waits for […]

Activités Sun City

News from Sun City

My dearest granny, Forgive me if I have not written sooner, but I didn’t have time for myself since we’ve been arrived in South Africa. After Cape Town, the Garden Route and the Kruger Park, we settled down yesterday in Sun City. Mum demanded to come here so she wouldn’t have to take care of […]

edito newsletter travel for kids in south africa

Edito 054 – Travel For Kids

By now, you should have guessed that I work in the Travel & Events organisation business… and this for a good fifteen years now. Events, incentives, VIP’s… I’ve stopped counting them a long time ago. But I must tell you there’s something that still remains complicated for me: the organisation and logistic of the annual family […]

10 best kid’s activities in South Africa

It’s never easy to find kids activity while you are travelling. XO Africa has done the job for you. Here is our  bucket list : The Two Oceans Aquarium The southern tip of the African continent is the meeting place of two mighty and bountiful oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. The Two Oceans Aquarium […]