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Medjumbe, the perfect ”desert island”

Nothing is more stimulating for imagination than Islands. Especially when this uninhabited and wild land is only one kilometer long and 350 meters width. Talking about Medjumbe comes down to invoke in the strongest way the idea of « desert island ». Only 13 chalets are built in this unspoiled and tiny island situated in […]

A ”White pearl” for a ”white paradise”

When we speak of white beads, we think foremost jewelry – is not it ladies – or trimmings embody sophistication, elegance with an aura of luxury modest. And if instead of jewelry, you imagine the same bead, but this time nestled between a transparent warm sea, bright blue sky, and green bush. A version luster […]

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Vamizi island, step into a blue dream…

The first thought you have when you reach the Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas archipelago in Mozambique is that our Blue Planet has never been so aptly named. As soon as you wake up, all those shades of blue are blending right in front of your eyes for the beginning of what the band I […]


Top 7 things to do in Mozambique

1 – Discover the Bazaruto Archipelago Group of five islands in the Mozambique Canal, the archipelago is protected as part of the national park. Created in 1971 it includes the coral reefs surrounding the islands, making it the only protected marine area in Mozambique. The park is one of the largest in the Indian Ocean. […]

The Quirimbas seen from the sky

For those looking for colour burst, unspoiled spaces and immense oceans, one of the best scenic flights is above the Quirimbas islands in Mozambique. This archipelago is up North at the border with Tanzania. You will start in Pemba, a typical Mozambique village set between coconut trees and the ocean. You will take off and […]

Stunning Cape Town Time lapse

Watch this stunning Cape Town Timescape made by kevin kok_hwcls. This video is an exceptional piece of work collected over a week holiday in the Western Cape, South Africa. Kevin’s great video features beautiful images of Cape Town’s harbour and waterfront activity as well as trip down the Cape and into Table Mountain National Park […]