Are you able to switch off?

On rare occasions for me. This may disappoint many…

However, there is a place that allows me to instinctively escape from the daily pressures: the Bush, Savanna and Wilderness.


First, once in the bush, there are the scents. Warm, amber aromas of dry grass, of the spicy dust… sometimes sweet … sometimes strong and musky.

The wind also plays its role, carrying along the sound of some distant hornbills, of branches cracking under the strength of an elephant, of the so peculiar neighing of the zebra, or the captivating chirps of these insects that are so well camouflaged around you.

These first sensations are flowing through my veins such as warm air that I happily swallow like vitamins, finally letting my mind find peace.

And then comes the moment when we become aware of this environment… Back on earth, already revitalized. Eyes searching, observing, considering, contemplating, and enjoying…

Am I spoiled? Animals are now only the icing of a cake I’ve already eaten…

Such as our 43rd newsletter, it is not simply of Safari that we’re talking about here. This is Africa, with all its senses and sensations that we propose you to discover.


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