The Funniest in South Africa

Ronnie's Sex Shop

South Africa’s Route 62 is our very own equivalent to the American 66 and a popular and exciting way to discover the Western Cape. It offers a beautiful alternative road to the N2 highway from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and is treasured by locals and foreigners alike. Road trip lovers will most certainly appreciate […]

The Strangest Namibia

Nambia - Desert Animals

It might be a mirage or a ghost ship. Laid down on the sand, where the desert meets the ocean, is a cargo boat that ended up on Namibia’s shore a few years ago. It has started its long desintegration by oxidation, like hundreds of others along the atlantic coast. Half immersed, or eaten by […]

The Furthest of Mozambique

Medjumbe Island Twiin Room

What comes to your mind when I tell you “furthest”? Boring, farm, no network, no social media? Then you think about it once again, some other words come to mind like silence, relaxation, intimacy and heaven on earth. To put it in a nutshell, I would say: Anantara Medjumbe island Resort & Spa in Mozambique! […]

The Highest Point of Lesotho


How about ending up at the highest point of Africa? I did it! Here are the details. My travel log – Take the height! In order to gain height, I headed to the Lesotho. This country, named “A Kingdom in the sky” and known for its mountainous landscapes, lies at more than 1400 meters above sea […]

One of us : Marie Wilcox

One of Us: Marie Wilcox

What is your story? Why did you arrive in Cape Town? I was travelling around the world and I met a few South African people when I was in London in the 90’s. They told me that Cape Town was one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Needless to say I had to check […]

Edito 064 – Spring Summer Collection

Heading North - Edito 064

Imagine a tawny envelop made of graphic effects that underline a fluid line, elegant but tonic, supported by an opal white corset and adorned by a wide brown shawl, revealing some modest coquetry, a free spirit, a sharp and mischievous character. In this spectacle, the Springbok treats us with its uneven bounces with a burning […]

Introducing Northern Cape

Northern Cape

Do you want go off the beaten track ? We invite you to discover somewhere special which combines magnificent landscapes and adventure-sport playgrounds and offers a rich archeological and geological heritage. It is home to the world’s first people and contains the most coveted gemstone. Welcome to the Northern Cape, a region, which, behind an […]

Wonderful Namaqualand

Namaqualand Animals

Namaqualand is a really arid region shared between Namibia and South Africa. It is divided into two portions by the lower course of the Orange River – Little Namaqualand to the south (South Africa) and Great Namaqualand to the north (Namibia). Springbok is one of the more prominent towns in this area, as well Kleinzee […]

We are all San People

Northern Cape - Rockart

In the movie The Gods must be Crazy , a « Bushman* » tribe made a modern-world discovery –  Coca-Cola bottle, thrown down from a plane. The fact is that Bushmen or Khoi and San people have had contact with western civilisation for several centuries. These indigenous people who speak unique click languages, still exist in Botswana, Namibia and […]