Welcome to Wonderland

The legend tells that The Palace Hotel was built in honor of the king of an old civilization settled at the heart of this magnificent valley. Set up on the highest place of the plain, it is the symbol of Sun City where the extravagance was excessively pushed. You will never imagine what waits for you in the most luxurious hotel of Sun City…

Palace of the Lost City

Walk to the sound of birds and brooks through the passes of the luxuriant garden lined with sculptures and sprinkled with soothing waterfalls. You will be warmly greeted at the majestic reception where original mosaic and golden furniture offer a spectacular arrival. Enter a world where the impossible has no place.

The ornamental details are perfect, putting the excess in the service of the dream in this 5 star hotel: crystal luster, gigantic sculptured Roman columns, rule of life-size bronze animals. You will feel like you are lost in a temple or in the crossing between the real and imaginary worlds.

Palace of the Lost City

Seven restaurants offering local and international cooking were created to treat your taste buds in a unique style. Have a refreshing break between all the activities on offer. According to the time of day you can take your tea in the mythical Crystal’s Court, or a fruity cocktail at the edge of the huge swimming pool, on the terrace overlooking the valley. At sunset, enjoy a romantic dinner, a moment favored in the Tower of King (70 meters high) with a magnificent view on the kingdom of Sun City.

Sun City African Suite

Regarding the rooms, you will be delighted by the African suite; a smart and spacious family suite, finely decorated with African fabrics. You can relax in the peaceful sauna or the jacuzzi after having tasted a wonderful breakfast on the privatized terrace. These experiences will make you appreciate the high standard of service provided by this luxury hotel.

A real palace of a thousand nights in the African style which was the talk of the town for a long time. No matter the places where you are used to staying, you will not leave The Palace unmoved. It is quite unique and a journey itself!

The palace

By Mélanie Chapellan

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