Victoria Falls River Lodge

Victoria Falls River Lodge or how to travel off the beaten tracks in Africa’s most famous destination.


These luxury thatched tents are a beautiful fusion of European and African décor.

At your arrival in Victoria Falls town in the North-West of Zimbabwe, after a long travel, you will be welcomed by a friendly gentleman in a safari attire. After quickly showing you the beautiful city of Victoria Falls, you will be dropped in front of the Zambezi River while your luggage will be driven to the lodge. And off you start your adventure with a first boat safari where hippos, crocodiles, elephants and antelopes will instantly make you realize that you are in the middle of the savanna. But our favorite part is a few minutes later when you arrive at the lodge and the staff welcomes you with a warm waving hand and a fresh drink ready.


The en-suite bathroom brings together a perfect combination of nature and luxury.

This is our favorite lodge in Victoria Falls because in addition to have very large and stylish rooms in front of the Zambezi River as well as a fully inclusive rate, you will stay in the most peaceful part of the city, away from the helicopters, cars and thunders noises while still enjoying this incredible destination.


The family suite.

Your stay will include your meals (even picnics), most drinks, boat activities, a guided visit of the Falls, game drives and trips to the city center. Victoria Falls River Lodge appeals to couples, families with small children, group of friends and solo travelers all at the same time.


your private deck with its own plunge pool offers uninterrupted views of the Zambezi River.


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