Medjumbe, the perfect ”desert island”

Nothing is more stimulating for imagination than Islands. Especially when this uninhabited and wild land is only one kilometer long and 350 meters width.

Talking about Medjumbe comes down to invoke in the strongest way the idea of « desert island ». Only 13 chalets are built in this unspoiled and tiny island situated in the Quirimbas archipelago, which merge to perfection with the spectacular green surroundings.

These small constructions made of straw and wood do not only offer authenticity and total change of scene, they also provide all modern conveniences and luxury on the fine sandy beach, just nearby the peaceful and see-through water of the Indian Ocean.

Medjumbe private island blog jan 2014

Imagination then. As soon as you will have travelled around the land on the fine and warm sand of the breathtaking beach, you will not resist to the temptation to feel like Robinson Crusoe. No civilization mark there. The vegetation is completely wild, the white color of the beach is intact and the turquoise tone of the sea is that pure that it seems to blend with the immaculate azur sky.

This transposition into Robinson’s loincloth is quite limited however. In fact, him was not lucky enough to take the most of the private pool, the hammock on the beach and the Spa to live privileged moments of privacy in a setting where romanticism takes on a never reached dimension.

Imagination again. Even more convincing this time. This destination is truly a paradise for all scuba diving lovers. Most of the reefs in the area are still unknown and unexplored even if they are already considered as ones of the richest and most spectacular places to dive in the world.

Medjumbe Private Island Pool Dinner

Plunge in the water that usually reaches 30 degrees and seek for manta rays, barracudas, dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks and other humphead wrasses to discover the coral richness of the region.

You will quickly compare yourself to James Cook, Jacques Cartier or Christopher Columbus when you name will be given to the reef you discovered, as it is the tradition there… A quite exhilarating experience isn’t it ?






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