Garonga Safari Camp, a top eco-friendly lodge

Nowadays travelers are recognizing the importance of environmental conservation and are increasingly seeking accommodation that supports eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. Acknowledging this, hotels around the world tend to develop environmental, economic and socio-cultural programs whose main purpose is to preserve the culture and support the local economy.

Hotels Combined, a famous hotel comparison site, has recently examined its database of 800 000 properties to select 10 top eco-friendly hotels from across the world.

Garonga camp at night

We are proud to say that one of these 10 hotels is located in South Africa: the Garonga Safari Camp. This exclusive 12 bed camp is set in the greater Makali Conservancy Game reserve, situated west of the Kruger National Park, the largest park in South Africa and one of the best for safaris and game viewing. Garonga safari camp is a luxury bush lodge combining an exclusive environment with incredible wildlife. But that’s not all. This amazing camp aims to make the difference for both the environment and the local population.

Garonga Tent

The owners of this safari camp have indeed chosen to support local economy in different ways. They create employment opportunities to locals, with potential for career development. They also propose to take on volunteers to offer an experience of working and living in the bush. Furthermore, food and goods are sourced locally.

Garonga camp is also very active, on an eco-friendly point of view. 30% of the electricity comes from solar panel and water is never wasted, since it’s used to feed animals. Most of their vehicles are filled with bio diesel fuel, which has two advantages: it’s produced by a local farmer and it’s totally biodegradable. With these three green actions, Garonga camp does its best to offset its footprint on the environment.

solar panel in Garonga

Garonga safari camp is undoubtedly one of the best examples of sustainable tourism. Needless to say that it’s important to support that kind of commitment, especially in a country where the wildlife is fundamental!

By Capucine Motte

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