A pure sky experience in Namibia

After spending the day in search of the Big 5, there is something intensely magical that is waiting for you at the very moment the sun sets and twilight begins. Another kind of show that is placed under the sense of wonder, with nothing but the sounds of the bush… Stargazing

You will be enchanted by the unique atmosphere offered by what we call the Magellanic Clouds, the Milky Way, or the Cassiopeia constellation…

Little Kulala Lodge

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is home to some of the best stargazing spots on the planet, and is able to go beyond your expectations and take your passion for purest heavens to the next level!
Almost every evening, there is a breath-taking starry night sky that will leave you speechless, while being in the heart of one of the most pristine and preserved African environments, the moments are very special.

The NamibRand nature reserve covers more than 200 000 hectares; it is far away from any other loud or bright presence, making it the perfect place for viewing the sky at night.

Furthermore, the reserve has been awarded for its efforts in terms of sky conservation, and has recently been named Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve by the Dark-Sky International Association.

That just goes to show that this is the place to be…

NamibRand nature reserve

Beyond the stars, the NamibRand Nature Reserve is also distinctive in its desert landscape’s diversity. Virtually all facets of the Namib are represented, from mountains plunging down into endless grassy plains, interspersed by red vegetated dunes, creating a living tapestry of colours and shapes.

We must not forget the game species that can be seen in the reserve, including Oryx, mountain and plain zebra, springbok, red hartebeest… And more.

Let us help you see another amazing place, taking the road in the direction of Sutherland in the semi-desert region of the Karoo, South Africa. Located 380kms from Cape Town, The Southern African Large Telescope is a 10-meter class optical telescope designed mainly for spectroscopy. To give you a better idea about the power of this telescope, just imagine that it is able to see a candle flame shining on the moon!

The Southern African Large

Guided tours by day and by night are organized. It is highly recommended to book well in advance, knowing that attendance will be limited. Its spectacular location in the heart of the Karoo Desert offers wonderful conditions for unforgettable stargazing. On your way to this area, you will traverse through wild and vast semi-desert landscapes which make the reputation of the Karoo region. Make sure to ride carefully as you might meet various species such as turtles, baboons, springboks, etc., on your way.

Imagine for just a moment, sleeping under the stars in the middle of the Namib Desert. This is made possible by the Little Kulala Lodge, situated close to the Namib’s Sossusvlei dunes. From the top of your chalet, you will find all you need to sleep, with your head in the stars.

ByStéphane Rossard

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