Our organic wine route

Right in the heart of Cape region, my organic wine journey started in the small town of Paarl at the Avondale Wine Estate.

As soon as I arrived at the estate, I savored a delicious wine while I was  enjoying to see the soothing landscapes all around me. No one makes wine like they do at Avondale: it’s a real return to nature. Their baseline at Avondale : because wine is a natural product, its production has to be eco-friendly. The wine I tasted in this property charmed me by its authenticity and was a true delight.


I continued my itinerary towards Backsberg estate and their impressive 110 ha  vineyard. Mid way between Paarl and Stellenbosch, this property is located along the slopes of the beautiful Simonsberg Mountains. While contemplating the beauty of nature, I savored a glass of organic certified Chardonnay. What a pleasure! A sense of freedom and serenity… This domain gained the Carbon Neutral status; a great recognition to the efforts provided to be in harmony with nature.

Backsberg estate in south africa

The next step led me to Stellenbosch and Laibach Vineyards. The family of Laibach warmly welcomed me in their wonderful estate. In the heart of a verdant and relaxing setting, I tasted excellent wines, including the famous Ladybird Organic 2004, which has been selected among the best South African organic wines.

Laibach Wine estate

The day ended at Rossendale estate, on the other side of the charming town of Stellenbosch. I was amazed by the natural setting and its majestic mountains surrounding the area. It’s a firm which has chosen to produce wine in a natural way.

This organic wine route was a breath of fresh air and a real back to nature experience. A rediscovery of what makes a great wine, a refined combination between the sun, earth and water.

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