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A blend of rhythm and influences associated with charm and elegance – this is what we call Jazz. It is an incomparable musical style that has survived the eras, while only being spread around the world, until it reached Africa in the middle of the twentieth century.

Jazz and South Africa are closely linked, since the “rainbow nation” was the birthplace of some of the most talented artists, such as, Dollar Brand, Hugh Masekela, Behki Mseleku, and Mongezi Feza, as ‘Afro Jazz’ pioneers.

The orbit - Jazz club

The genre has blended with many others and due to history and time has become a culmination of ragtime, blues, and European rhythms. They have rewritten the world’s traditional codes and have given the floor to minorities; they have allowed cultures and different ethnicities that had previously been divided by the apartheid regime, to meet again.

XO Africa invites you on a journey through which you will encounter many treasures and timeless melodies. Forget what doesn’t matter, and stay focused on this musical path that opened the world’s borders to diversity and sharing.

Be in the tempo, and throw yourself into this warm and elegant atmosphere that made each jazz performance famous. The sounds that interweave are able to affect you emotionally, and the depth in the music will be felt from the opening note to the last wave goodbye.

Jazz club

We hope we have instilled a desire to learn more about Jazz, and it is therefore our duty to recommend you The Orbit, a splendid jazz club situated in Joburg.

In a very cozy, zen atmosphere, the greatest artists follow after one and another, allowing you to easily get a true taste of the Jazzy universe. With vintage-inspired decor, beautiful soft lighting, black and white paintings, and instruments in each corner of the concert hall, The Orbit is the place to be!

ByXavier Lopes

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