Grandpa, Dad, Mum, my Sister and Me

In terms of travel, we all have in our minds the holidays with our parents or the summer reunions in our grandparents’ house. But today, I would like to share another original and trendy way to travel as a family: the multigenerational trips.
Let us try to be clearer: this kind of travel allows grandparents, parents and children, and even great grandparents and aunts, to be together during a journey which promises to be memorable.
However, for trips of this ilk, in particular in the stunning Southern Africa, things need to be decided and prepared seriously. To make this trip unforgettable and magical, some necessary precautions have to be taken.

A roundtable of the XO Africa consultants allowed me to list some of their best tips to make this journey as entertaining and peaceful as possible:

Get everyone involved in the preparation process…

…and make sure that each person should contribute one thing they really want to do or see, and make sure they get to do it. This point may seem obvious but it is the depart line of a good multigenerational trip.

Family Safari

Family Safari

The accommodation is a crucial issue

Make sure you choose accommodations that offer something for everyone! Go for comfortable, safe structures with possibly lots of activities and amenities to choose from, e.g. spa treatments, playgrounds, children programs, restaurants.

For instance if you go to Cape Town, I can suggest the One & Only Hotel which has restaurants, a spa and lots of shops within walking distance.

If you are more oriented to live a game drive experience, the best option should be to choose a family-friendly lodge like the Bakubung in the Pilanesberg National Park as well as the Footsteps camp in Botswana. Late tip: Double-check the children policy in the Lodge. Some of them do not charge the children should they share with their parents. Others do not accept low-aged children within their structure or safaris whereas some of them offer discounts for group and big families. The Sun City resort in Pilanesberg may be an alternative which proposes game drives, aquatic activities and other activities to gather all the family.

Footsteps Camp - Botswana

Footsteps Camp – Botswana

Health and documents

Before going to Southern Africa, make sure that you contracted a good medical insurance because let us not forget that the health care is costly. Find out about visas and the immigration policy and regulations, in particular on minors travelling. This point is crucial. Indeed, it may lead to difficulties if it is not well-handled. To avoid some concerns about malaria or yellow fever, we recommend you to pick a malaria free destination like the beach spot Maputaland in Kwazulu-Natal withRocktail.


Activities will be focused on sharing moments together and building family memories. For instance, we can advise you to do a private boat cruise at the Waterfront in Cape Town or elsewhere in Botswana along the Chobe River. A picnic in the vineyards around Cape Town is also an entertaining way to federate everyone. For more adventures, why not embark on a helicopter flight over Cape Town or the Victoria Falls in Zambia?

Chobe River Cruise in Botswana

Chobe River Cruise in Botswana

 Take a break

With this kind of travel, the time for oneself is essential. Now and then, think about a baby-sitter or registering your low-aged children at the Hotel’s mini-club. Moreover, it may be burdensome to organise everything from A to Z, especially for trips in foreign countries. Hence, we suggest you to go through a Tour Operator or a guide that will be able to indicate and help you enjoy the best spots. Regarding the self-driving tours, ensure you that you keep the distances shorter to keep the journey comfortable.

I hope that these precious tips provided by the XO Africa experts will help you and clarify the way that multigenerational trips can work. Good luck and courage!

By Florence Neret

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