What if we knew what is best for you?

What if we knew what is best for you? What if Guy Savoy told you: “sit down and relax, I’m preparing you a lobster in its shell with concentrated jus… you will love it!”

Funny idea, isn’t it…?

We receive 2 to 3 incentives and events briefs every day and no less than 20 individual travel requests. Most of them are already really clear: establishing the rhythm, the guidelines to follow and covering the technical aspects… Making us look like assemblers of services rather than actual travel designers.


That’s a pity. We would have loved to know more about YOU!

As travel craftsmen, we know our products and how to combine them to create new flavors. Dishes that are tailor-made with white sand beaches, private safaris, adventures, encounters and discoveries. What remains unknown? Your tastes. Your desires. Your needs. Your own pace.

With all this, our chefs will possess all the ingredients to surprise you. Cooking an itinerary for YOU, with textures, smells and flavors allowing you to enjoy your African Experience beyond your expectations.

Still doubting? And what if we put you to the taste!

In the meantime, this month, some of our teammates are revealing what they like. Lodges, restaurants, activities… Enough to please everyone’s palate!

Bon appétit.


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