Edito 058 – The 5th Element


Whether it’s been hot or cold, dry or wet, I assume and hope you all had a great holiday.

And if this little foreword indeed suggests that “When summer ends, one has to go back to work”, it is even more consistent with the theme of our September edition: The 4 Elements.

This newsletter isn’t about introducing you to the fundamentals of Tai Chi, sorry if you misunderstood. We’re giving you here an overview on how Air, Earth, Water and Fire have shaped Southern Africa.

The waters of the Okavango Delta, the Victoria Falls, the red and burnt sands of Namibia, the clouded summits of the Drakensberg mountains… aren’t they all concrete examples?

If these elements haven’t always brought tranquility and hospitality, they have however served to create this unique and diverse spectrum of landscapes and activities.

An almost godlike gift from which Southern Africa benefits.

Here, Water can be scarce or abundant. Earth can be rich or lifeless. The weather can be ice cold or Fiery hot. And these wide open spaces bring this profusion of Air and Light of which you so often lack. Perhaps even more now that you’re back to the office.

But, from these four elements rises a fifth one. Its meaning may be more ambiguous. Yet, it unites the 4 other elements and happens to perfectly describe our activity of “Travel Designer”… This is the Quintessence!

Are you happy to be back?

By Sébastien Charrieras

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