Edito 068 – Happy New Year !

Starting a new year always comes with a collection of new goals and resolutions…

Happier, healthier, richer – and of course asking for divine invocation is the number 1 hit every year. In reality the failed resolutions that we had set for ourselves the previous year are often underlining the new ones…

So does that mean that we are all quitters or are we actually ready for the struggle ?
Because reaching our goals, targets, dreams and resolutions demand the help of a few components… Action, risk, commitment, positive thinking, calculation and plans, effort, endurance, sometimes pain, even chance…


But above all, a vision, a clear and set direction that will convert the ingredients into this succulent dish, once dreamed of in the early days of January.

This year, we will raise our level of quality, of service, bringing innovation to a new standard meant to blow your mind.

Now if that is not a resolution? Happy new year.



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