Edito 066 – Family Affair

One thing for sure that requires planning, is a family trip!

First of all, choose the destination.
You can go for an exotic one but it has to be thought-through. A destination that will please the youngest that still doesn’t let go of his dummy, disconnect the teenagers from their smartphones and allow mom and dad some breathing… Especially mom…


A country where the local food won’t disturb your stay… Like mosquitoes and jellyfishes…
A journey with well-thought rhythm and distances. Not too long… with enough breaks to allow everyone to let off steam.
Fully equipped lodges, guest-houses, hotels. With a well-trained staff, onsite activities…

And above all, an agency that won’t have forgotten the bottle warmer, the car seat, to check the size of the trunk, the babysitter, the inter-leading bedrooms, the stroller, the planning of activities and everything you need to take with you when traveling.
An agency that has an appropriate selection of accommodation.
Because, once you’re in the plane, your only concern should be to spend a wonderful time all together.

Luckily, I know one whose consultants are also mothers and fathers… who could advise you better?

Happy reading and happy holidays,


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