Edito 064 – Spring Summer Collection

Heading North - Edito 064

Imagine a tawny envelop made of graphic effects that underline a fluid line, elegant but tonic, supported by an opal white corset and adorned by a wide brown shawl, revealing some modest coquetry, a free spirit, a sharp and mischievous character.
In this spectacle, the Springbok treats us with its uneven bounces with a burning and deserted Southern African landscape as a background.

Despite its resilience to the arid red earth of the Kalahari, the gazelle could have seen its career ruined. Even disappear if it had not been saved, and then carried in triumph to become the symbolic emblem of the country.
This is how the mighty springbok walked to posterity, ending up on coins even…

Some will filch its performances, like the National Rugby Team of South Africa that always bears its golden icon on top of dark green jersey.
Others will name a cocktail after it, a shooter more exactly, a combination of Amarula cream and mint liqueur, quite far from elegance of the “jumping antelope” like the Dutch named it.

A city of over 10,000 inhabitants also proudly bears its name, 500km north of Cape Town. This is where I actually wanted to take you. The most populated city of the Namaqualand is indeed the theme of this newsletter. The Northern Cape Province, the runway of our summer collection…

Sébastien Charrieras

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