Edito 062 – Back to the Future



Already Feb? Time flies…

Last year, we took leave from you on an assortment of gastronomic ideas, a selection of cultural and culinary concepts depicting the taste diversity of South Africa.

Now that we’ve all digested, let’s start this New Year with movement, speed and rhythm by keeping a streamlined tempo. Let’s travel by combining relaxation and mobility. A theme that unites Time and Moment.

How about a cruise in Mozambique? So that time leads us and doesn’t take us.

Or to fly over Botswana by plane? From camp to camp, lodge to lodge… In little time sometimes comes a long way, you know!

Time is like a river, it doesn’t flow back to its source. Personally, for the river I chose the Zambezi and for the descent, how about using canoes.

Those for whom Time is a father of truth, I recommend the Blue Train, crossing South Africa from Cape Town to Johannesburg… while taking its time of course.

Finally, if among you are people eager for Adventure, for whom Living is trading time for experience, you will discover this month how to cross the Namibian desert on a motorbike…

So, do not waste your time! Happy reading…


PS: I want to thank Marguerite Yourcenar, Caleb Gattegno, François Rabelais, Molière et Antoine Rivaro for their time-saving help in the writing of this newsletter…

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