Edito 059 – The Inseparable Couple


First of all, it’s only a two hours’ drive from Johannesburg.

Two hours to find yourself in this 550 km² volcanic national park where more than 7000 animals can be found… wild animals that is.

The Big Five? Yes, you will find them there. Which is not the case of Malaria that has vanished from these protected lands for a long time now, making the whole area a renowned destination for families.

I think you got it, the Pilanesberg is above all a safari story. Either driving your own vehicle or enjoying a real 4×4 game drive organized by one of the many lodges that have settled in the heart of the park. Or if you feel like something more unusual, how about a hot air balloon safari or even by foot, guided by an experienced ranger?

The Pilanesberg is an “easy” and “accessible to all” park. The maps and tracks are reliable and animals abound. I even happened to come across elephants and giraffes just a few meters from the park gate, absolutely undisturbed by me or the other visitors.

And like Holmes is nothing without Watson, one can say the same about the Pilanesberg and its acolyte, Sun City. This resort that borders the park brings its own extravaganza and touch of madness to the surrounding quietness.

There, one can eat and sleep… But that’s not just it…
Golfing, swimming, sliding, dancing, betting and gambling, relaxing or even getting tired… Sun City is a sparkling bubble that combines perfectly with the Pilanesberg National Park…
A complementary and inseparable couple… just like Danny & Bret, Victoria & David… Mario & Luigi.

Happy reading,

By Sébastien Charrieras

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