Edito 057 – All night long

Edito Newsletter 057

At the hour when the day takes flight
All animate Nature is subdued
By some obscure disquietude
Descending from the stars at night.

Victor Hugo would have done a good job writing the editorial of this newsletter, would’nt he?

For all, the long evening during summer holidays are always among the best time of the journey. It’s at sunset, when the heat leaves the scene and the quietness allows the first rest, that we enjoy, without hassles, preserving, just for a little bit longer, this last moment of the day…

The perfume of the bush rising up, the stars keeping our senses still alert. The moon taking place. At this time of the night, while many already play with Morpheus, it’s a new nocturnal life that emerges, sometimes in the step of Dionysus…

A dark maze where all things unite
To veil the outcome and the word!
Down in the deep, someone is stirring ;
Someone is dreaming on the height.

Like the Eagle owl taking off in the dark, we are inviting you to hawk about these few ideas of activities, pleasure and excitement that can be offered to those that the night enhances and arouses…

Good night all,

ParSébastien Charrieras

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