Edito 056 – Let’s be Unusual

Unusual: astonishing, bizarre, curious, rare, unexpected…

Whether this adjective is abundantly used in mass media headings, it has however a more elaborate signification when it implies a notion of “creativity”. Or, to highlight what does not fit the conventional standards. In our case, mass tourism.

The quest of new experiences, those that lead you out of the traditional practices, those that make you think, discover… is an ongoing constant, a value that drives us since the beginning.

We strive to think “Out of the box”, to find the places, the ideas and services that in the end will make us different.


Being “unusual” requires taking risks, ensuring no compromise on quality. To get out of a frame when everything tells you to stay put. To take your responsibilities for enjoying your freedom.

For you, this freedom is that of Travel. In a flexible context for a real and authentic experience.

This month’ newsletter not only invites you to think on your accommodation choices but also to visualize the possibilities of adding an original touch to your trip.

Astonishing, bizarre, curious, rare, unexpected…

Simply, unusual.

BySébastien Charrieras

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