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By now, you should have guessed that I work in the Travel & Events organisation business… and this for a good fifteen years now.

Events, incentives, VIP’s… I’ve stopped counting them a long time ago. But I must tell you there’s something that still remains complicated for me: the organisation and logistic of the annual family holidays.

Do you have kids? On my side, I have 3… And only girls to be precise.

Needless to say that we have travelled. Not in some “all-inclusive” resorts but more by 4×4 in some remote areas. This, I presume, makes me the expert to talk about the different children services we can propose.

First of all, choose the destination. Avoid disease areas otherwise your little ones might take you home in no time.

edito newsletter travel for kids in south africa

A sunny destination, easy to access, where transfers are neither too long nor too complicated and where you can easily stop.

A destination where one can rest, discover and share, see animals, spread out on a beach or even go to a museum…

A destination where you’ll find supermarkets equipped with nappies and where the iPad can easily be recharged…

And, of course, a destination where one eats well…

Well, sometimes it’s easier to stay home…

The adventure goes on with choosing the accommodations. Interleading rooms, a garden, a swimming pool, room service, a baby cot, board games, a friendly staff and well thought-out meals.

I hope I’ll convince you when I say that my daughters have tested EVERYTHING!

They’ve emptied all the shower gels in every hotel room we’ve been to; tasted like “Michelin Guide” reviewers a wide range of buffets; put to the test the resilience and knowledge of many rangers; and assessed the reactivity of certain maids.

And I only can be thankful to them for this.

We, at XO, have developed a complete range of services, itineraries and products specially tailored for this demanding clientele: Travel, for the whole family.

This is what you’ll find in this newsletter. We reveal why South Africa isn’t only a grown-up destination.


PS: Happy birthday Lola…

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