Edito 053 – Romance in Africa

For a long time, one can hear “Romance is lost”.

Considering our current life with its rhythm and constrains, or the daily news in the media ‘s mixing together faulty weather forecasts, lost politicians, egocentric conflicts and crisis, culture ranging from Miley Cyrus to the last Scorsese’s movie, gossips from the last dating website or popular selfie… indeed, we can’t really say that Romance is in fashion this year…

Should we be sorry about this? Would it be wrong to add a little sensitivity to our lives? A bit of consideration, of sharing and listening?

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Anyway, once again leaving the trends where they belong, we asked the ladies in the team where Romance would lead them.

In this newsletter, their finest places, to share of course , are revealed. From safari lodges guaranteeing you intimate privacy to a sumptuous lobster dinner on a secluded beach… Gentlemen, these women know what they’re talking about…

Sweethearts, it is your turn now. Remember, a honeymoon can always happen.


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