Edito 051 – Tanning me softly

Photoprotection via passive screening of solar radiation.

According to me, we don’t communicate enough on skin protection and all the noxious impacts the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can cause.

Thus, it is of sunscreen that we are going to talk about in this first edition of the year. In return for a small fee due to “off the charts” exchange rates, we invite you to come sunbathing, diving in or sliding on the hot waters of our Indian Ocean. To enjoy a sun that will not let you down.


For white and milky skins, with freckles and clear eyes, I’d recommend White Pearl, haven of charm and mellowness and a factor 50 mineral lotion to use without moderation!

For the brown “tree-huggers” with dark green eyes, mildly sporty and eager of curiosity, a factor 30 at Nuarro Eco Lodge is highly recommended.

Tanned skins will unquestionably be sensitive to Medjumbe Private Island, where you can play Robinson Crusoe. And of course, I suggest a velvety protection… gel or spray.

For families with multiple and varied complexions, Thonga Beach Lodge will have no trouble convincing your kids to generously coat nose, forehead and chin with a coconut flavoured organic ointment.

Here, auto-tanner is not allowed. But when shopping, think organic! It’s better for corals and health.

That being said, I’m going back to the beach.

Happy New Year!



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