Edito 047 – Lets talk about us!


There’s a subject that we haven’t tackled yet over these past 6 years. A theme on which we are, however, constantly consulted. A recurring topic that aims to reassure, to prove, to demonstrate.

Us !

Beyond a simple over-boasted presentation page on an equally ordinary website, our profession requires that we constantly provide evidence of credibility, of seriousness of our team, of our structure, of our ability to organize from the most intimate honeymoon to the most prestigious event for our corporate and governmental clients.

Who are you? What have you accomplished? For whom do you work?

In order to answer these questions without using a long list of figures and superlatives as unpalatable as they can be pretentious, this month we have decided to open up our doors.

“Open Doors” could definitely be the title of this 47th newsletter. A slice of our company’s daily life with its actors. A spotlight on ourselves to present you those who work for YOU.

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