Durban, a kaleidoscope of images


If you’ve heard of Durban, or even had the pleasure of visiting this city, it’s sure to evoke a kaleidoscope of images in your mind. This vibrant, bustling city is home to 3.5 million people and is a veritable treasure chest for any traveller seeking culture and adventure.

Like Brisbane, San Diego, Valencia and Naples, Durban is often considered a secondary destination, but this unworthy label is probably due to a lack of knowledge, because Durban’s dynamic mix of cultures and intriguing history make it a truly worthy destination!

So whatever misconceptions you may have, allow me to dispel them and paint a beautiful picture for you of this sub-tropical city, bordered by the Indian Ocean: Standing sentry in the background and soaring 3000m into the sky, the majestic Drakensberg Mountains; To the east, the battlefields that once bore witness to bloody conflicts between the Zulus, Boers and British; Endless stretches of sugar cane fields that saw the arrival of the first Indian slaves and later, the defender of these slaves, Ghandi; And then the Indian Ocean with its invitingly warm waters which entice surfers and swimmers alike, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches.


Ensconced in all this natural beauty is the city itself and Durban’s mixed history is evidenced in its architecture, stunning botanical garden, love for golf, rugby and tea. The Indians brought their sense of commerce, spices, curry and the much-loved game of cricket! The Boer influence is noticeable in the farming, while the Zulu traditions run strong and proud throughout the city.

Durban’s climate is perfect for holiday makers as it is sunny all year round, with the summer months being very hot and humid.

If the beaches and city life don’t lure you to this city, then surely the wildlife parks of northern Kwazulu-Natal featured in this newsletter will.

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