50 Shades of…

If our newsletter gets its inspiration from E.L.James’ steamy affair, it is mainly to praise our 50th release.

Though we could draw a parallel with the masochism needed to fulfil our daily duty of Travel and Events Organizers…

Or even, compare the surrounding sadism with the electrified life of Christian Grey… showing how domination and submission are also appreciated practices in our industry.

But let us gather our hormones, shall we? It is with a blast of colours that we celebrate, with you, this 50th newsletter.


These 50 publications, of which you’ll find all the articles on our blog, have deflowered subjects as disparate as Gastronomy, Art or even Adventure. They led you to our deserts and on our islands. With them, you discovered our parks, our beaches and our cities.

We approached everyone: the innocent lovers, the modern families, the desperate housewives, the young and the restless, the wacky friends, the machos and the greenies…

Yes, “Your satisfaction is our priority, Miss Steele”.

Our 50 shades are not made of grey.

They are colourful, evidencing our mettle, our passions, and our creativity. Have they untied some clichés? Fuelled your desires? Sharpened your senses and teased your curiosity? We certainly hope so!

This newsletter, one more time, denudes our 5 destinations. I let you taste it and get back to me with your unbridled comments…


Photo Gabriel Wickbold

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