World Design Capital launches its 450 projects !

Cape Town Design NPC, together with Executive Mayor Alderman Patricia de Lille, lately announced the much-anticipated Programme for World Design Capital® Cape Town 2014 (WDC 2014) at a joint press conference, celebrating and lauding local design thinking.

WDC 2014 will provide an opportunity to showcase the approximately 450 projects that have been officially recognized and which will form part of the Programme next year.

Executive Mayor Alderman Patricia de Lille said the diversity of the final projects reflects the general determination of all Capetonians to position Cape Town as the design and creative hub of the continent.

world design capital cape town 2014 launches its programme

The first call for submissions elicited 572 responses with 230 shortlisted projects. The second call received 681 submissions and which saw 380 projects emerge from in-depth evaluation.

Projects were submitted across the four WDC 2014 themes:

African Innovation. Global Conversation
Bridging the Divide
Today for Tomorrow
Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things

The final recognized projects were then re-organised into six clusters to act as navigational beacons for various audiences.

The clusters are:

LIFESTYLE ENHANCERS: Design that gives meaning through fashion, arts, culture, sports and recreation.

BUSINESS THAT BUILDS: Design that adds value to the economy through innovation, finance, systems and social entrepreneurship.

SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS: Design that focuses on efficiency and resilience related to food, energy, water and the natural environment.

CONNECTIONS THAT UNITE: Design that elevates communication, transportation and social cohesion.

EDUCATION THAT ELEVATES: Design that shares knowledge through schools, exhibitions and skills development.

COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT: Design that improves health, wellness, housing and urban Development.

In addition to the 450 public submission projects, the overall calendar and programme features the remaining five WDC Signature Events, City of Cape Town Ward projects and existing events in Cape Town that will be leveraged for WDC 2014.

The launch of WDC 2014 takes place on 31 December with the New Year’s Eve of Design signature event, which will see Cape Town placed “on top of the world” for one night only. The countdown to 2014 heralds the biggest NYE party the City has hosted.

The recognized projects are available to view online at

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