Where authenticity rhymes with ecology

Welcome to Mozambique! Again?! You’re asking… and I reply… “Yes”… and “no”.

Yes we have already covered this region, but no we have not yet introduced the Ihla de Mocambique to you.

Classified as a world heritage sight by UNESCO, it is situated in the northern province of Nampula. Over the centuries this strategic location created a meeting point for diverse civilizations: Bantus, arabs, Indians and Europeans.

coral lodge mozambique

Today it remains the ancient colonial capital where intermingling cultures create a fascinating mix. But the discovery doesn’t end here. Let’s go to the point of Peninsula where we’ll find a haven of peace and well-being. Its name includes the GPS coordinates – to give you an idea of just how secret its location still is.

Coral Lodge 15.41 invites you to relax in an authentic African atmosphere that perfectly combines luxury with comfort. The 10 villas respect the natural surroundings and from the top of their sand dunes they allow you to enjoy the incredible views and the Indian Ocean breeze.

Thanks to its location this new lodge caters for all needs, whether orientated towards sport, culture or people. So don’t hesitate one moment, families or couples, here all your wishes will come true!

Coral lodge beach mozambique

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