Vamizi island, step into a blue dream…

The first thought you have when you reach the Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas archipelago in Mozambique is that our Blue Planet has never been so aptly named.

As soon as you wake up, all those shades of blue are blending right in front of your eyes for the beginning of what the band I Monsters would call a “Daydream in Blue”.

The blue of your villa’s pool is just the reflection of the turquoise-blue color of the Indian Ocean that lays in a rare tranquility. What makes this picture even more fantastic is the incredible purity of this land embodied by the immaculate light-blue sky.

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The only “cloud” on this azure horizon: the raw and wooded colors of your luxury villa built on a white fine sandy beach and at the heart of a multicolor wild vegetation. As you will have realized, the “cloud on the horizon” in Vamizi actually turns out to be what the Yang is at the Yin: an inevitable and harmonious combination, making it a one-of-a-kind place in the world.

After a delicious breakfast, go out to sea for a scuba diving unforgettable experience. Your destination: Neptune’s Arm, a coral garden tumble down the edge of a thousand meter cliff which is a sanctuary for more than 46 coral species and 400 fish species including dolphins, grey reef sharks, humpback whales, green turtles and other flying fish. You will have the opportunity take the most of what nature can offer the best since these reefs have been named as one of the top ten scuba sites on the planet!

Back in the island, a picnic prepared by the chef is waiting for you in the shade of a palm tree.
This haven of peace, which is 12 kilometers long and 1 kilometer width, benefits from important conservation projects. Thus, an astounding variety of flora can be contemplated, just like an exotic wildlife including samango monkeys, coconut crabs and 112 bird species among others.

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By the end of the day, let go at the Spa where you will be pampered with natural and exclusive products specially created on Vamizi.

The last chapter of this idyllic day is written under the starry sky and your toes in the sand, where you will savor delicious meals prepared right under your eyes.

The midnight-blue atmosphere will then slowly take possession of the land, amplifying like in a Magritte’s painting the infinite feelings of peace and voluptuousness.

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